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Clerestory GCR 1663 successfully moved to its chassis.
Posted: 09/10/2010 21:55:12

The lift was extremely smooth

Clerestory 1663 on its Chassis 9-Oct-2010
Clerestory 1663 on its Chassis 9-Oct-2010

Clerestory GCR 1663 was successfully moved from the warflat to its chassis. The job was carried out by a joint team from Pete Wilson's boys and a number from Operations.

The lift was extremely smooth with no damage what so ever being inflicted on the coach. The body is now fully aligned on the chassis and does not look half bad. It has straightened up considerably being placed on the flat deck which is also square to the body.

There were no creaks or groans on lifting and it has been a major success.

The GCR Rolling Stock Trust thanks those who made this possible especially Alex Newcombe, the GCRN Operations manager who liased with the trust over details of the lift

The body is raised on small packers to assist in the preparation of the body underside for final dropping onto the chassis at some time in the future. However, even in this temporary mode it gives a real feel for the impact this vehicle will have when in service.

After a small amount of time to allow the body to full bed down, it will be sheeted over in a similar manner to Barnum 666 for long term outdoor storage.

Any volunteer assistance with this or any other of the 9 GCR RST vehicles would be gratefully received.

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