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Sacre-designed 2-4-0 No. 169BLinks to other websites with content primarily relating to the Great Central Railway (1897-1923) and the present G.C.R. in operation on the preserved mainline in the midlands may be found listed below. If you know of further links that would form a suitable addition to these listings then please submit these via the contact page, or via the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

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"Ferny Bridge", Leicester viaduct

"[Ferns] are as much a part of steam railway history as their viaducts, bridges and walls". Ecology of the Leicester viaduct...

Chiltern Railways

Train operating company using the truncated G.C.R. route out of Marylebone.

Chris Ward's Annesley Motive Power Site

Packed full of photographs from the 50s & 60s of this ex GCr depot in its last years with B.R. Some great sound recordings as well.

Dukinfield Wagon Works

Dukinfield (G.C.R.) Carriage and Wagon Works.

GCR 567 Loco - Facebook site

The Facebook site of the GCR 567 Locomotive Group.
The Organisation that is building a new Great Central Railway class 2 locomotive

GCR 567 Locomotive Group

The MAIN website for the New Build GCR Locomotive Project
No. 567 was a Gorton Built MS&LR Class 2 Locomotive and is believed to be the first photographed engine of this class (taken at the Gorton Works, Manchester in Jan 1891, 1 month after it was completed)

GCR 567 Locomotive Group - Yahoo Site

New Build Great Central Railway Locomotive No 567 Group's Yahoo site

Gladstone: Opening speech - Hawarden Bridge

Gladstone's speech addressing Edward Watkin and others on the opening of the Hawarden swing-bridge (River Dee), 3rd August 1889.

Going Loco!

The Great Central Railway in Leicestershire, by John Neave.

Gorton Tank

Gorton (G.C.R.) Locomotive Works Openshaw, Manchester.

Great Central Railway

Great Central Railway based at Loughborough.

Great Central Railway (Link) Ltd.

Company formed specifically to deal with bridging 'the Gap' re-opening part of the London Extension in Loughborough, required to join the southern and northern preserved sections.

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G.C. Innovations

Under the management of Sir Sam Fay, the G.C.R. pursued an active publicity policy. A period slogan: "Rapid Travel in Luxury" is seen here below:

Rapid Travel in Luxury

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  Chris Tolley's website
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Content:  further details of this 1903 timetable may be found at Chris Tolley's site.

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